Design and facilitation of collaborative processes

We work with clients and encourage thoughtful design of collaborative processes. Our approach is analytic – we focus on what our client needs based on our assessment – as compared with the practice of merely replicating the approach used with a prior client.
As such, ‘analytic facilitation’ is more than agenda, flip charts/pens and notes. We work to:

  • Harvest existing and needed data through interviews and on line methods where suitable.
  • Clarify our respective roles and responsibilities, and expectations
  • Consider the stages of group formation when planning
  • Build trust and good working relationships among participants while maintaining focus on the intended concrete results.
  • Analytically facilitate the decisions that the participants must make.
  • Pay close attention to the success elements in collaborative processes, as well as the common causes for failure.
  • Recognize that these processes are dynamic – not static – and changes in process are often needed.
  • Work to let groups take over their own facilitation when they are ready
  • Provide any needed training and capacity.
  • Understand and address the core elements of collaborative decision making

Often this service includes the design of public participation processes.

Example Engagements