Practice areas – Natural resources


Through its manager, Joe McMahon, Collaborative Processes has experience in a wide variety of natural resource matter, in the following categories

  • Mining (coal royalty disputes, transportation costs, coal facilities design and construction, validity of mining claims, contract mining disputes, private condemnation for mining and exploration disputes).
  • Mine/mill site remediation, reclamation, revegetation, site water control and remedy selection
  • Slope stability and otential failure mode analysis
  • Oil and gas (class action royalty dispute, nature of investment rights, gas gathering and compression, gas re-pricing contract clauses, pipeline transportation fees and accounting, quality of oil transported, drilling disputes, JOA conflicts, force majeure, refinery construction, dissenting shareholder rights, heavy oil extraction, exploration and development and acquisition agreements)
  • Geothermal energy.
  • Coal royalty dispute (mining, transportation costs)
  • Coal facilities design and construction
  • Validity of claims
  • Contract mining disputes
  • Private condemnation for mining
  • Natural resources exploration and development
  • Resource marketing
  • Heavy oil
  • Geologic data
  • Drilling
  • Quality of resources
  • Repricing
  • Oil refining
  • Force majeur
  • Joint operating agreements
  • Acquisition and sale

Experience and example engagements – Natural Resources