Oil & Gas experience

I have worked (arbitrator, mediator, counsel) in disputes involving, among others, the following:

  • Gas processing
  • Nature of investment rights
  • Causation/damage disputes about fracking – hydraulic fracturing
  • Conveyance documents, title
  • Class action royalty dispute
  • Gas gathering and compression
  • Gas re-pricing contract clauses
  • Pipeline transportation fees and accounting
  • Quality of oil transported
  • Rights to drip
  • Sale of O&G interests
  • Drilling disputes, including company and surface owner
  • JOA conflicts
  • Force majeure
  • Refinery construction
  • Dissenting shareholder rights
  • Heavy oil extraction
  • Exploration and development
  • Acquisition agreements

The following are example oil and gas engagements:

Mediator, 2014, fracking dispute (property damages)
Mediator, 2013, disputes of title to mineral estate
Arbitration panel, 2013, disputes over development and construction of a gas processing plant
Mediator, 2013, disputes over purchase and sale of O&G interests
Arbitration panel chair, 2011, gas gathering and processing dispute
Mediator, 2010, drilling and JOA dispute
Mediator, 2007-08, class action royalty dispute
Mediator, 2007, dispute over nature of investment in oil & gas property.
Arbitration panel chair, 2006, disputes over gas compression equipment.
Arbitration panel chair, 2006, case regarding disputes concerning an exploration and development agreement involving heavy oil and steam injection processes.
Disputes over rights to participate in acquisitions, and receive proceeds from production.
Amounts owed under JOA.
Disputes of alleged breach of Exploration and Development.
Claims for delivery of oil & gas and improper grade delivered.
Effective dates of acquisition and rights of purchase.
Force majeure suspension of obligations to deliver or take.
Disputes over heavy oil projects and use of thermal/steam methods.
Claims for damage to Plants due to improper usage.
Construction claims regarding refinery.
Damage claims for claims of improper transportation and pipeline usage, resulting in claims of isolated resources.
Claims of damages for failure to obtain permits.
Damages claimed for improper gathering and compression charges.
Claims for fraud and intentional misrepresentation in seeking oil and gas investments.
Damages claimed for failure to pass good title to property.
Claims of mismanagement resulting in increased costs and decreased revenues.
Claims for the statutory rights of a dissenting shareholder in improper purchases or sales.


PDF file summarizing experience