Assisting organizations

Collaborative Processes has assisted corporate, not for profit, government organizations and multisector groups in various way including:

  • Developing strategic frameworks
  • Designing programs and action plans
  • Planning and implementing monitoring and evaluation processes
  • Assisting new organizations consider the structure for their efforts
  • Independent assessments or investigations of organizations or multistakeholder groups
  • Addressing inter or intra organizational conflict
  • Mediating internal conflict
  • Forming informal networks
  • Assessing the health/function of networks or associations
  • Training and capacity development

Organizations are living systems in which conflict can arise due to scarce resources, structure, roles, communications and personality. We assist organizations to improve decision making to achieve better working relationships and progress toward its vision. We have expertise in both building better relationships and clarifying/making necessary decisions. We help you see the right or best path toward your organizational goals.

Example engagements:

  • Assisted a large international civil society organization in developing a conflict management programs for a wide spread network of offices/branches.
  • Assisted several civil society organizations in developing new images and strategies by creating new patterns (rather than trying to ‘optimize’ old existing patterns).
  • Mediated interpersonal conflict between employees of two agencies working together.
  • Conflict assessment in litigation on claim of wrongful termination.
  • Mediated dispute between two senior employees of a consulting firm.
  • Conducted interviews and assessment concerning intra-faculty disputes at a national university.
  • Currently researching nature and effects of Intraorganisational conflict on large international civil society organizations.
  • Assisting a national association to better address internal conflict over differing moral and religious values.
  • Assist a board of directors develop a strategic action plan for its work in the next 5 years.
  • Work to reduce conflict among faculty members at a University.
  • Mediation of disputes between federal and state agencies.
  • Developing and implementing a plan to reduce conflict among local, state and federal governments.
  • Conduct a post program assessment of conflicts and failures in a consortium of NGOs.
  • Facilitate a retreat to assist a water user organization plan for the next 5 years and anticipate likely challenges/conflict.
  • Assist an NGO in developing a monitoring and assessment program.

Concept source: Conflict and Conflict Management in Organizations, J. Bercovitch