Capacity development, training

We work with groups or organizations that want to increase their capacity to complete the tasks they have identified as their goals or vision. Drawing from recent work in the field, we define capacity as “the ability of a human system to perform its desired activities, sustain itself and self renew.” Rather than an abstract concept, capacity development should be rooted in every day practice – dealing with and resolving real life issues. Topics could include, among others:

  • Communication and dialogue
  • Recognize and understand conflict
  • Awareness of the need for change and ability to make change
  • Achieving clarity on the desired structure that will generate the results sought
  • Identifying the material resources needed to accomplish the above.

We see our role in capacity development programs to deliberately stimulate and guide organizations and groups to increase their capacities. What elements are most important will depend on each organization or group; yet common elements include:
1. Ability to identify the context within which one works, locate itself and make decisions about what to do.
2. Capacity to bring about the desired changes in norms and values within itself.
3. Develop a strategy to realize the vision of the program or organization.
4. Ensure coherence both within the organization and its intended program.