Consultation and planning

Collaborative Processes can consult with your group or organization to facilitate decision making, including strategic planning, program design, investigating internal conflict and assisting with external conflict. We can assist you in identifying necessary decisions and in the creation of decision architecture that helps participants explore identify key issues, explore responsive options, identify success criteria and assemble a package of options that meet the organizational needs. Our work is intended to create the environment in which change can take place.

Rather than appearing on site as an “expert,” we seek to:
1. Begin consultation without a clear mission so that the “immediate solutions” are avoided.
2. Engage with the client for joint diagnosis.
3. Value solutions in which the client has played a key role in designing and implementing (rather than the “outside expert.”

This perspective engages the thoughtful advice given to consultants by Edgar Schein in Process Consultation Revisited and other books and articles.