Situation assessments

Situation or conflict assessments help stakeholders determine whether there is a process that would help them address their share problem or challenge.  Often the subjects of assessment are as following:

1. Collaborative context: Does the context support collaboration?

2. Competent representation: Are the selected stakeholder representatives competent?

3. Diversity: Do stakeholders accept and embrace diversity among the stakeholders?

4. Collaborative attitude: Do stakeholders demonstrate the attitudes needed for collaboration?

5. Effective communication: Do stakeholders communicate directly and effectively?

6. Collaborative structure: Has a results driven structure been created and maintained?

As an example, when the State of Idaho wished to develop a broad based stakeholder input to plan the develop of two watersheds/basins, Collaborative Processes proposed a thorough assessment process before any process was planned. The assessment led to the design of multisectoral stakeholder committees that learned and shared ideas that could be collaboratively included in long range plans for two large areas of Idaho. Collaborative Processes works with clients to plan and conduct assessments that will help plan results oriented, collaborative processes.

Example Situation Assessment