Rules/guidance for mediators and facilitators

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Suggested Rules – email me your comments and corrections

Rule 0: We (mediators and facilitators) don’t know what is happening. (so we should not over estimate our knowledge)

Rule 1.  This is the parties’ process and they are in control.

1.1.   So don’t try to control or manipulate them (but you can coach or warn them of consequences)

1.2.   They decide both process and outcome – with advice from mediators and facilitators.

1.3.   The paying client does not have control – just responsible for payment.

Rule 2.  We must have clarity, not have confusion, about each player’s role and responsibilities; so remind them over and over of the roles

Rule 3.  We are coaches who seek to facilitate – make it easy; so we nudge rather than tell them what to do.

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